As in previous exhibitions, so again, we will deal with the identity of a woman in the context of a consumer society. Because exhibition literally happens in a shopping center, it’s a perfect opportunity to talk about making the women self-image into products. Sacred body is degenerated into a cheap activities of substitute. Is the lack of one’s SELF compensated by identification and finished mark/brand systems? Does identification and finished identities allow to become aware of your self and create your meanings?

To begin with, lets try and define a brand identity. A brands identity is the self-image of that brand, how it sees itself and defines itself. Brand, that has a strong identity, gives a solid and convincing reason to buy it and offers a sustainable competitive advantage. A lasting brand identity helps the companies navigate and cope with market changes.

Identity expresses both the tangible and non-tangible characteristics of a brand, possibly everything that makes the brand what it is right now. Without identity the brand would be completely something else. Brand identity identifies those parts of a brand that are permanent, as well as those parts that can change over time. A brand is like a living organism and it must have the freedom to change and adapt, to fit with the diversity of modern market conditions. 

Can we, as woman have the same qualities? Can i be, or can someone else be for themselves a safe Volvo of known quality, some perhaps an exclusive but relatively useless Alfa Romeo. Another common H&M or Ikea, someone an overpriced Maserati or always reliable Volkswagen. Some may be just beautiful like Swarovski etc. 

In the current situation, when by many of the things we may have identified ourselves have become more or less insignificant. Be it work, social life or other social affiliation. Right now seems to be the best time to review the simplified constructions and meanings. If one day all this, was taken away from us, the creators of this exhibition will turn out that some large and important part of themselves had been comfortably killed and BOXED- by boxing and labeling phenomena and experience already coded. It was as if we were not given the opportunity to create our own labeling system. Be it politics, sociality, theater or even art…A human is a world shaping creature, who actively forms his /her world, but when everything is pre-coded, the active formation of the world becomes as if insignificant. When you are forced to sit at home, all the meanings have been taken from you. What will remain from you? Hopefully the intention to live in spite of death . …Hopefully the intention to create your own personal space, life, meaning. A human today, especially nowadays which is kind of peculiar, needs personal meanings. The most important idea and insight of this exhibition is that the main brand here is oneself. But we don’t know how to define it as clear as you can do it with ordinary things or lifestyle. One can feel that she’s becoming into something that doesn’t have name yet and even a right shape.

One thing a woman buries under specific activities, clear-cut shapes is a being a woman in deep down and knowing that no disaster can take it away from her. Being unemployed, alone at home but still remaining a woman. In one point the rest of the other space around her turns off and she is kind of real her without identifying herself through some other (brand). There stays only life and fair time and one can’t replace those with anything. Only herself. The ability to create the world of her own, means, to be alive…

A WOMAN still alive and sanctifying her unique embodiment (maybe there is going to be thousands of incarnations in thousands of universes but this particular life is now and here).